Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Images de Plumes Greeting Cards

I have been getting a lot of stick from friends for having let my blog lapse and I am feeling suitably ashamed!  However I am back, and back is really where I intend to stay. I am not making excuses but I have been filling my days, nay weeks, usefully and as a result I am very pleased to be able to introduce you now to my new set of greeting cards which I hope you will like.  They are made from photos of my Images de Plumes (feather pictures) and I sell them singly or in a packet of four. The packets come in two groups - Ladies in Red and The Silhouette Collection. The cards sell at Aud$6.00 each with free postage, but a minimum order of six cards. The quality of the printing is excellent on good substantial paper and the images look amazingly three dimensional.   The cards are blank inside so can be used for any purpose and are a generous size - 17cms x 12cms.  
For further details about ordering these cards, please email me, Audrey Raymond on

Ladies in Red:- Jolly Good Chums, A Gentle Zephyr, Don't Pull Rudi, Eliza
The Silhouette Collection:- Naughty Pussy, Fred and Ginger, Her Two Admirers, Three Old Warriors

                                              Naughty Pussy

                                                       Fred and Ginger                     

Three Old Warriors

                                                                   Her Two Admirers

                                                                   Don't Pull Rudi
                                                                       Gentle Zephyr

Jolly Good Chums

All the pictures are created with natural feathers, none are dyed and all are from Australian birds except the red ones and those used in Jolly Good Chums which are from exotic Macaws. I find huge pleasure in using these glorious feathers and am awe struck by their beauty and subtlety of colour.